Suddenly A Father/For the Twins' Sake/Temporary Dad

Suddenly A Father/For the Twins' Sake/Temporary Dad

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For the Twins’ Sake - Melissa Senate

But is she? Noah is willing enough to believe the adorable newborn left on his doorstep is his child. And then his ex, Sara Mayhew, turns up, claiming the baby is hers — a twin to her infant son — and Noah realises he’s not the father. Even so, the cowboy has already turned his life around and swapped his spurs for a baby carrier. Despite their still-powerful attraction, Sara isn’t ready to trust the ‘new’ Noah. But he’s already fighting for their future as a family...

Temporary Dad - Laura Marie Altom

Fireman Jed Hale is used to being in control. But twenty-six hours of babysitting his sister’s infant triplets is making him feel utterly helpless. His sister Patti was supposed to be back yesterday. Now he’s worried. But he’s pretty sure where she is — at the family cabin eight hundred miles away.

Jed needs a miracle — fast. And that’s exactly what he gets when his new, very beautiful neighbour Annie Harnesberry drops by to offer a helping hand. She seems to have a magic touch with babies and calms the triplets down within minutes. In an act of desperation, Jed asks Annie to join him and the triplets on his mission to find Patti — and Annie accepts! Jed has never needed anyone, but he’s starting to think that needing Annie wouldn’t be so bad...