The Adventures of Sloane Treblot!

The Adventures of Sloane Treblot!

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1. Plain Blue, Blue Plains. Mr. Darian Treblot, Sloane Treblot's father, has gone missing. Was his disappearance a 'truck-theft-gone-bad' or is it something else? The local police allow Officer Jared Thomas to stay in the apartment over the garage/equipment shed at the Treblot farm for the protection of Sloane and her Mother as well as their extended family. The two young people develop a friendship/romance and start to investigate the disappearance on their own. Sloane has a startling revelation with both the Labor Day weekend and the anniversary of 9-ll looming. Terrorism is feared. The story ends with a pursuit, a rescue, a friendship damaged and a new love. 2. Forget-Me-Nots. This is the story of the investigation into the shooting and death of a young police officer. His wife and son don't accept that he is really dead even after five plus years. Sloane is hired as a consultant to an insurance company through the FBI and is looking into the family's claims. Sloane and Jared investigate his shooting in Virginia and the two piece together a complicated and complicit situation. Many questions arise with twists and turns Sloane solves the case. 3. Mary, Mary Quite Contrary. Sloane, again as an insurance investigator, and Jared, as a rookie FBI agent, are invited to review the disappearance of a twelve year old girl who had gone missing four months earlier in a rural area of Virginia. Is she alive or dead? Mary is an enigma: beauty queen; math whiz; champion equestrian; and bully supreme with roller-coaster emotions. Sloane suspects that a teenage neighbor is involved. The resolution of this case does not help the young couple's relationship. The ending offers quite a surprise.