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Your Voyage Experience guide: "Plovdiv - City trip in Bulgaria " will make you discover a gorgeous city in the heart of Bulgaria.

Know that it is truly worth the trip – even for a weekend – as it is likely the most beautiful in the country right now! Plovdiv will charm you with its unique atmosphere, harmoniously blending the vestiges of the past, the diverse cultures, and the influences of the peoples who have inhabited it for millennia. Its motto, inscribed on its coat of arms, perfectly reflects its distinct character: "Ancient and eternal". We were truly enchanted by Plovdiv, which is both vibrant and dynamic, yet also has a provincial charm, offering a unique quality of life. At the same time, it feels like a place frozen in time, especially in neighborhoods like the old town, where you are transported to a completely different era with its cobbled streets and charming houses. The remnants of the city's long past are scattered everywhere, and you will encounter them throughout your walks. You can find these traces in well-developed and highlighted places, such as the Roman Theater or Stadium, but also in less well signposted areas, like the large complex of ruins near the main post office or the stunning park of Tsar Simeon.

We visited Bulgaria for several weeks by car, but you can enjoy Plovdiv and its beautiful region arriving by plane or bus and then rent a car to get around more easily. This charming city is not heavily overrun by tourists yet and is definitely worth visiting! We will share our discoveries during our road trip, but don't expect to find an extensive list of addresses, as we are passionate travelers and diginomads who love immersing ourselves in the world. We aim to optimize our budget to fully experience each destination.

​​​​​​​During our journey, we spent over two weeks exploring this beautiful region and were truly amazed by its beauty. So, why not consider visiting it too?