A Journey to Remember - Stories from My Life

A Journey to Remember - Stories from My Life

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An absorbing, playful and heart-warming journey that not only engages the trivial and ordinary, but celebrates the things that really matter. A Journey to Remember is a memoir that is as bold and as large as life, yet never loud nor proud. Conversational and candid, this vivid narrative tells of a kampong boy who is set for roles larger than his imagination and dreams. As the pages unreel, we see the once mischievous boy with a penchant for catching horseshoe crabs, learning to man his grandma's kopi tiam and then, moving on from a small-town substitute Physics teacher to an inspirational leader who turned ailing companies around. Indeed, this compelling kaleidoscope of moments and memories reminds us that life doesn't offer charity, it offers chances. Like Hee Keat, let us embrace every bouquet and every bump along the trail. Let's turn the pages - let's savour the coffee and share his remarkable journey.