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Who You Are

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In our culture today, the preoccupation over self-identity--or who we are--is hard to ignore. But the pursuit of self-understanding has been a recurring theme throughout human history. How many times have you asked yourself, "Who am I?"

The desire to answer this question--whether it manifests in self-enhancement strategies or self-serving biases--is part of being human. Yet, through a Biblical lens, we know something has gone terribly wrong with our human nature. Brokenness happened when sin separated us from our Creator God, and the answers we seek are only obtainable when we reconnect with him.

Using the Gospel-Centered Integrative Framework for Therapy developed at Redeemer Counseling Services, Judy Cha explains:

  • The human desire for an identity
  • The role of shame and hurt in shaping who we think we are
  • Self-redemption, and why it doesn't work
  • The Gospel as God's rescue plan for a lost humanity
  • How to ardently know your story, truly live in your community, and deeply connect with God

Who You Are shows us that the Gospel is the only thing that sets you free from the verdict of sin and justifies you as God's prized possession. When you internalize the Gospel--this message of restorative love--you come to know who you are more and more every day.

This unique resource is ideal for those who feel stuck in a perpetual loop of "finding themselves" and for counselors or ministry leaders seeking to help others with gospel-centered healing.