The Canadelves

The Canadelves

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The Canadelves

Cathy spends the holidays in Mauricie, a beautiful region of Canada. Summer promises to be good with Mathilde who takes care of her. Caroline, her best friend, was able to join her to spend several weeks together. They are astonished by the wide forests and lakes. It is in this setting that they meet new friends: the Canadelves, who will teach them the healing and magical properties of new plants. But also birds and large mammals which also appear in the wild and cause a lot of emotions.

The two friends do not forget to attend the elves’ school. And they will need all their inventiveness to counter the growing threat caused by the war of the ogres: pollution is spreading everywhere. Indeed, they will not be spared their wickedness and Caroline will suffer the terrible consequences. It will take all the energy and spells of the elves to try to save her. For the first time, Charles will bring humans into the battle: a necessary alliance. Here is a whole new adventure from Cathy Merlin to the land of the Canadelves where you will discover some beautiful landscapes of Canada!

Cathy Merlin: a series about magic and ecology!

Pollution, climate change: the current challenges of our world are numerous. How to explain complex concepts to the youngest? How can we make our children getting aware of these problems and reconnecting with Nature? We must both use the mechanisms of tales and legends as well as the harsh realities from which our planet suffers. This positive collection of small novels tries to offers this kind of vision to young adolescents who have their feet on the ground but still know how to dream!

“Cathy Merlin” is a youth series full of magical and great adventures. Each book combines magic and realism and skillfully slaloms between spells and plants’ medicinal properties. With humor and wisdom, Cristina Rebiere takes great pleasure in making us travel around the world in places that really exist and that she has visited. So, get ready to discover an original and atypical series that will delight readers of all ages!