A Review on Takaful Online System

A Review on Takaful Online System





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Takaful Online System offers a wide selection of protection plans for every level and needs of people nowadays. Online services are available for variety products, including medical, auto, home, and employee benefits. Takaful is a form of Islamic insurance in which participants put money into a pool system to indemnify one another in the event of loss or harm. This research seeks to understand the varied usability, implementation, and adaption frequencies as well as barriers and enablers in the Takaful Online System sector, particularly in the workplace through the comparison of a few research publications with an online system that was put into place. Therefore, six Takaful Online System web site that have been implemented in Malaysia are typically introduced in the first section. The Takaful Online System platforms' detailed review is included in the second section. Whereas the third and fourth section compare online system develop previously in a tabular form and gives a graphical representation of people awareness on Takaful online system in Malaysia. The fifth section concludes the paper and discusses the future scope.