Nihongo Nano Narratives

Nihongo Nano Narratives

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For upper beginners.

Embark on the journey! Dare to tackle short Japanese passages, and if you emerge triumphantly at the chapter's end, you'll have completed your mission, acquiring cultural insights, fresh vocabulary, and enhanced reading comprehension along the way.

Dive into news, cultural pieces, and historical snippets with this innovative series featuring engaging and informative ultra-brief essays in Japanese, tailored to upper beginner and intermediate proficiency levels.

Includes free download of all the sound files and Anki flashcard decks of all the vocabulary in the essays.

Enhance your Japanese vocabulary and reading abilities using the Nihongo Nano Narrative essays. Although you can tackle these lessons in any sequence, consider these helpful suggestions:

 - Examine the Key Vocabulary

 - Begin utilizing the provided Anki deck to learn unfamiliar vocabulary (refer to the last page for the download link)

 - Read the story in either the EASY version or the native-level NORMAL version, or both, with furigana and a running glossary

 - Listen to the audio file while reading once more (also check the last page for the download link)

 - Read the essays without furigana or vocabulary aids

 - Check your understanding with the English translation

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