The Parable of the Coal

The Parable of the Coal

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How can you love someone who is ornery and downright unlovable? The Parable of the Coal is the story of Edgar and Steve, neighbors separated not just by a broken-down fence, but by a gulf of anger and frustration, and in Edgar's case, years of offended pride. Have you ever been hurt by someone and saddled with a grudge that you could not overcome? Find out how one man and his young family re-shape the miserable future ahead of a broken soul- and in the process gain an even greater reward for themselves. The Parable of the Coal will cause you to look outside yourself, outside your own front door, to find how you can make a difference in the lives of those who have hidden their hurts away. Love changes hearts and this little story shows how simple and plain that miracle can be.

Matthew Swam has given readers a gift. The lesson from The Parable of the Coal is that no one should be judged until you've worn their clothing, walked in their shoes, or seen with their eyes. This touching story reveals the human tendency to complicate life and miss the simplistic beauty of living, and it shows readers how to discover the way to find that beauty again. Its lasting message is that unselfish love and service come with great and eternal rewards. -John Daly, Host of Real TV