Learn Japanese Through Haiku: Basho

Learn Japanese Through Haiku: Basho

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People around the world are fascinated by haiku—so much can be expressed by so few words—but not many outside Japan can enjoy Japanese haiku in its original form. Even the most famous classical Japanese haiku poet, Basho, is accessible to most people only in translation. While good translations capture the core meaning of the words, nuance and aspects of Japanese culture are not so easily translated.

This book is intended to help the beginning to intermediate student of Japanese not only learn Japanese vocabulary and grammar, but also to reveal some of the hidden nuance in translation.

What you'll get:

* Read and understand twenty of Matsuo Bashō's most famous haiku.

* For beginner to intermediate students of Japanese

* Download sound files of all the haiku in Japanese and all the commentary of the haiku

* Every word is defined and major grammar or haiku elements explained

* Every haiku and commentary have a QR code which you can scan to instantly get the sound recording for that text

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