Japanese Names

Japanese Names

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Want to make Japanese friends? Having a thorough understanding of names will help. Want to enjoy Japanese movies, TV, or novels? If this fits your description, this book is for you.


* Learn the most common 100 family names today

* Over a hundred given names (male and female)

* Master the most common kanji and the most common readings found in Japanese names

* Download Anki decks, sound files, and worksheets for no extra charge.

Dedicating time to learning names might not seem as "cool" or enjoyable as mastering slang or Japanese proverbs, but a strong foundation in Japanese names will significantly enhance your understanding.

Japanese dramas and novels often introduce names without any consideration (or mercy!) for language learners, which can be frustrating. If you can't comprehend character names, it can dampen your enjoyment and leave you feeling lost, even if you understand most of the dialogue.

Surprisingly, not many textbooks or courses devote substantial attention to names, despite being a crucial aspect of achieving true linguistic and cultural fluency.

This book aims to change that once and for all by thoroughly studying the top 100 family and over a hundred given names (male and female) through kanji studies, worksheets, and Anki flashcard decks (see the last page for the download link).