Survive and Thrive

Survive and Thrive

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Get ready for a refreshing and unique take on preparedness. This essential guide is for regular people who want to handle disaster situations confidently, without digging a network of underground bunkers stockpiled with weaponry.

From the really loud wake-up call of the COVID-19 pandemic to the escalating climate crisis, the world is becoming increasingly unpredictable. It’s time to buckle up—but fear not! Army vet and sustainable organic farmer Bill Fulton and Alaska adventurer and writer Jeanne Chilton Devon will demystify the whole notion of "prepping" and make it accessible and practical for everyone.

In this comprehensive handbook, you'll learn essential knowledge like water sourcing and purification, long-term food storage, stocking a disaster pantry, creating a safe home, assembling evacuation bags, and ensuring your family doesn't drive each other crazy in the face of chaos. You'll also unlock cool survival hacks to save the day when the lights are out, the gas is off, the supermarket is closed, and everyone around you is hunkered down like a mountain hermit.

Unlike other prepping guides, Survive and Thrive recognizes that what we need is a collaborative, sustainable, and family-friendly approach to preparedness. Say goodbye to doomsday paranoia and learn empowering information to help you live better now and have a solid plan for whatever comes tomorrow. SPOILER: That's how we all make it through the 21st century!

With an upbeat attitude, detailed instructions, how-tos, checklists galore, and even historical survival recipes, city dwellers and suburbanites alike will get organized and on the path to sustainability and resilience—whatever may come!