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In this crime murder mystery, Paul Bannon, a combat decorated veteran, decides he needs a break from the 4 million people jamming up the roads in Los Angeles. He decides to take a road trip to check on an old Army buddy, Jack Franco who has gone underground for about a year. Jack lives in the sleepy small town of Little Bay Harbor. He finds Jack in a complete state of human disrepair. Jack is broken and Paul vows to fix him. His honorable plans fall by the wayside as he falls in love with Jack's wife Swan. Swan is complicated. And, she is a chameleon. Paul dreams of a life with her but she has other plans. Paul becomes a pawn in her manipulative game of re-creating her own world. Paul plots to murder Jack on a seemingly innocent boat ride for a picnic on an outer island but finds himself unable to finish the task. Jack drowns and Paul and Swan are witnesses to the drowning. Paul is indicted for second degree murder. As thing progress, Paul begins to question his own innocence. Stories collide, motives stack up against each other and witnesses from the small town are conflicted.