Japanese Kanji for JLPT N4

Japanese Kanji for JLPT N4

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Master the kanji section of the JLPT N4 test.

This book covers 178 kanji believed to be found in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4. The test makers no longer publish complete lists of kanji, but the collection in this book is based on past tests and similar-level kanji.

Each kanji entry has the following features:

* The number of strokes
* The on and kun readings of the kanji
* English core meanings of the kanji
* Kanji parts and radicals
* A mnemonic story based on the kanji parts to help you remember it.
* A graphic showing the stroke order
* Three example words/jukugo with meanings
* An example sentence with the English translation and complete vocabulary list.

FREE Sound files: Download over 500 sound files for each kanji's readings, examples, and sentence. The download link is found on the last page.