Irresistible Italians

Irresistible Italians

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The Venetian One-Night Baby - Melanie Milburne

It was a sizzling encounter…then a baby binds them forever!

A hotel booking mix-up in Venice means wedding dress designer Sabrina Midhurst must share a room with her nemesis: wealthy, brooding businessman Max Firbank. It’s infuriating —- until an unexpected night of passion awakens a need Sabrina didn’t even know was possible! They’ve always battled their super-charged attraction, so when Sabrina confesses she’s pregnant, she’s stunned by Max’s demand: that she wear his ring!

The Bride’s Awakening - Kate Hewitt

He’s going to teach her how to be a woman!

Vittorio Ralfino, the Count of Cazlevara, is back in Italy to find a traditional wife. Anamaria Viale, a good local girl, loyal and scandal-free, is perfect. Anamaria’s stunned that her teenage crush is proposing to her…an ugly duckling! Tall, voluptuous and awkward, she’s stoically resigned herself to singledom.

But Vittorio is persuasive — and passionate! He offered marriage as a business proposition — but very soon unlocks a deep, powerful need in Ana’s untouched body that only he can sate…

The Truth Behind His Touch - Cathy Williams

Women always jump at the click of his fingers…don’t they?

Hot and flustered from the sweltering Milan heat Caroline Rossi steps into the sleek offices of Giancarlo De Vita — only to feel plump, plain…and virtually invisible!

Giancarlo’s ruthless ambition got him where he is today, but he’s never forgotten the hardships he overcame — or his thirst for a revenge only Caroline can help him enact. Used to women doing anything to please him, Giancarlo is confounded by Caroline — she just won’t play ball.

To seek his vengeance, Giancarlo will have to turn on the legendarily irresistible de Vito charm…