More Adventures of Sloane Treblot! (Part II of a Series)

More Adventures of Sloane Treblot! (Part II of a Series)

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Story Four: Changes of the Heart After a break-up with Jared Thomas, her significant other, and with no employment opportunities near her parents' farm, Sloane accepts a temporary position as an adjunct in a university in NYC. She "apartment-sits" for her best friend, MJ, who is on a sabbatical during the fall semester. The family that has the apartment next to hers becomes friends and the son, a well-known TV veterinarian (Dr. Lance Allen), becomes even more. However, her connection to Jared, the former love, is not finished. The couple who had adopted his son is now being harassed by the maternal grandparents in an attempt to void the adoption and to gain custody of Noah. Sloane becomes involved in the "case" when they contact her for help. Things do not end well for that young couple. The romance between Sloane and the TV veterinarian dims. He wants to return to Hawaii from his temporary hiatus in NYC and begs her to accompany him. She simply cannot. In trying to protect Sloane when she becomes involved in helping Noah's adoptive parents, a young FBI agent is assigned to assist. He is very attracted to her but she is, for a long time, committed in her heart and soul to the veterinarian. A wonderful road-trip takes place with this young FBI agent, a famous poetess who lived next door and Sloane. In the coming months, a relationship between Sloane and the FBI agent (Brian Fortiani) begins to develop. Story Five: Repercussions Galore After returning from NYC, Sloane accepts a position with the local community college. She continues phone and text contact with Jared and with her soul-mate, Dr. Allen, the veterinarian. The semester proceeds quietly and uneventfully. In the fall, she accepts a position in the woodwind section of one of the orchestras that plays in Williamsburg. The friendship with Brian is developing. However, the practicing and performing commitments are staggering. For spring, she is lucky to get a teaching position in Fredericksburg