An Unbreakable Spirit: The Legend And Legacy Of Chico

An Unbreakable Spirit: The Legend And Legacy Of Chico

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This is the true and heartwarming biography of an abandoned puppy and a young police officer who seemingly adopts him by pure chance. But the reality was, they were brought together by crisis and a necessity...for each other. The two go through life together in a journey filled with twists, turns, and every range of emotion. It is a love letter written by the officer to his valiant dog, Chico. In his life story, we learn of the strength, will, and heart that made Chico a legend and the lasting legacy he left behind. You will be inspired, and moved to reevaluate your own perception of life and those in it. This incredible tale of love, triumph and resilience reminds us of the bond between man and dog, and how they can shape our destiny. In the pages of this work, you will truly understand how actions speak louder than words, and sometimes...a single word isn't even necessary.