Why Would I Quit?

Why Would I Quit?

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Based on a true story, this gripping debut novel tells the tale of a young lady entering womanhood, ensnared in the vicious cycle of dematerialized soul tie symptoms, addiction, violence, and crime. A single mother in a world where other women knew their position, she played the game. Set against the gritty backdrop of a harsh world, the protagonist grapples with the loss of loved ones and battles addiction to crack cocaine while navigating the perilous underworld of drug dealing. Along the way, she endures physical and emotional abuse from the men in her life. To escape the ghetto, she must confront her demons and forge a path forward. After toiling in dead-end jobs and entangling herself in the criminal underworld, she eventually finds relief in her work at the LAPD, driven by raw honesty and an unflinching outlook on life. This novel delivers a potent and unforgettable account of one woman's voyage marked by strength, courage, and the unyielding question, 'Why would I quit?' Volume 1.