Organizational Citizenship Behaviour in Malaysian Higher Educational Institution

Organizational Citizenship Behaviour in Malaysian Higher Educational Institution

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Presently, there is a greater  emphasis on exploring positive human resource strengths to address the workplace challenges in order to amplify organizational performance. Resilience, self-efficacy, organizational support and affective commitment are part of personal and work-related factors that contribute to positive human resource strengths that relate to desired attitudes, behaviors, and performance such as organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). OCB is a unique aspect of employee's behaviors in the workplace which is regarded as one of the important requirements and prerequisite for organizational effectiveness, efficacy, productivity and performance. OCB is crucially needed in very organization, including in higher education setting. For this reaason, this book was initiated by a group of practitioners to examine the underlying relationship between resilience, self-efficacy, organizational support, affective commitment and OCB in the context of Malaysian Research Universities (RUs). This book discusses the background of the study in Malaysian Higher Educational Institution through the relevant literature on issues with direct influence on OCB from the theoretical and empericial point of view.