Wild Ride at the Dude Ranch

Wild Ride at the Dude Ranch

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A group of merrymaking cousins travel to Texas to spend their annual vacation at the Dude Ranch for a week of trail rides, BBQs, barn dances, roping, and other fun activities. They enjoyed meeting new people, and they were not disappointed at the colorful characters they met while on this vacation. They became friends with the Dude brothers, a pregnant lady, and an extra tall ball-bat-toting woman named Tinker Bell. Last year's vacation to Missouri had more adventure than they ever could have imagined. This year they were looking forward to fun and relaxation without problems, but when a guest of the ranch was found murdered on the property, things began to get tense as strange events begin to happen making the cousins nervous and baffled. The cousins along with their new friends they had made at the ranch worked hard to keep their heads clear and stay as sane as possible. They were determined not to get involved with the murder until one of the cousins turned up missing. All bets were off now that one of their own had been taken.