A Revolutionary Adventure

A Revolutionary Adventure

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The merrymaking cousins are traveling again, but this time they are in the beauteous city of Boston, where there will be no place for disaster to find them, or could it? Their intentions were to see everything they could before going home, and they were going to take advantage of it all. They were hopeful this would be a vacation free of distress, unlike some of their other vacations of the past. The cousins were titillated to observe all the sights the city of Boston had to offer. They could barely wait to stand by the Paul Revere statue, see the replica of the Mayflower and their Village, and grasp everything on the "Freedom Trail." They traipsed the sidewalk that would take them to the museum for the appointment they had made earlier. Everything was going great, until something happened that took them away to a locale they never thought would be attainable to them. While in this place, the variant group of friendly people they met, and the things that happened, will never be forgotten.