View America as an axis of the world through movie stories

View America as an axis of the world through movie stories

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Through the historical narrative presented in the film, we gain insights into America, a pivotal force in the world.
The stories of 46 U.S. presidents and 10 movies allow us to delve into the intense conflict between the silver and gold standards throughout American history.
The Roman Empire serves as another pivotal force in the world, with its core bases shifting from Rome to Constantinople (Istanbul) in the Eastern Roman Empire, Frankfurt and Vienna in the Holy Roman Empire, London in England, and Washington in the United States since 751 B.C.
A fierce battle for money, power, and honor ensues over the inheritance of the Roman legal system, involving key players like the Medici family (1382-1743), the Rothschild family, and the U.S. Federal Reserve.

The United States, being the first country in the world to adopt a presidential system, faces skepticism from European politicians who believe this political experiment will fail within a few years.
Despite expectations that a strong president may seek extended terms resembling royal politics, the United States establishes itself as a model country for democracy, with the presidential system providing the power to lead the world.
From the first president, George Washington, onwards, a commitment to the constitutional promise of a limited term of office is strictly adhered to, and the presidential system takes root through the peaceful transfer of power via elections.
The primary election system for various political offices prevents the tyranny of bribery and abuse of party power, ensuring a more democratic process.
In contrast to the Eastern style of leadership characterized by boss-type interpersonal relationships, the U.S. presidential system relies on communication with voters to verify one\'s insight and judgment.

The U.S. Federal Reserve, described as a global central bank created by Jews, is positioned as a temple of modern capitalism on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
It plays a crucial role in determining the economic conditions of the contemporary world, with key figures like Jerome Hayden Powell leading the institution.