Mystery & Suspense New Release Box Set Mar 2024

Mystery & Suspense New Release Box Set Mar 2024

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A Place To Hide - Debra Webb

With new identities in rural Tennessee, innkeeper Grace Myers and her son, Liam, are running from the killer they once escaped. As his terrifying threats intensify, she’ll do anything — risk everything — to protect the little boy. Close to an emotional breakdown, Grace would like to trust handsome Deputy Rob Vaughn, but can’t. Because the frightened mum has secrets she can’t share...secrets that could prove fatal.

Swiftwater Enemies - Danica Winters

The last thing Detective Leo West needs is a tourist telling him how to do his job, even a tourist who claims to be a search-and-rescue pro. Once he sees Aspen Stevens in action though, he discovers that she’s as capable as she is gorgeous. As lies and raging water swirl around them, they have no choice but to trust each other — while resisting an off-limits attraction...

Colton’s Secret Stalker - Kimberly Van Meter

Bookstore owner Frannie Colton has enough drama to deal with when she discovers her father had a secret family. She definitely doesn’t have time for the handsome customer who keeps coming in to her shop. Even if he might be the one sending her beautiful flowers anonymously. Yes, Dante Sinclair is easy on the eyes, but Frannie is certain he sits with his back to the wall for a reason. Getting involved with a man full of secrets is bound to be dangerous. If only her body would listen to her mind...

Deadly Mountain Rescue - Tara Taylor Quinn

When Officer Stacy Waltz is abducted and stranded on the mountainside, police corporal Jesse ‘Mac’ MacDonald risks his own life to save hers. She’s the best partner he’s ever had. Working together to find her would-be killer brings them closer together than ever — something Mac can’t admit he wants, even to himself. Finding the man who left Stacy for dead might prove easier than resisting the desire that pulses between them...