Omar Al-Khattab

Omar Al-Khattab

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Omar Al-Khattab made ​​history golden Islamic country honoured and acclaimed of all time. He is talented and smart people who become the hallmark of Arabs and Muslims. In the past 10 years and 6 months of his rule, the Roman Empire and the Persian bow under the dominion of Islam . Moreover as conquerors, Omar Al-Khattab also managed to put together an effective and orderly administration. He is the founder of the Islamic political system, implementing Sharia law in the country and succeeded in forming a new Islamic state . In the field of security, he set up the police force. He established military settlements and ports for ship construction to strengthen the immune system. The Warriors managed to subdue the Persian and Roman cities were founded for the expansion of Islamic culture. In addition, they also promote agriculture and founded the Islamic education system. Omar Al-Khattab versed in fiqh and a great orator. He was a wrestler and horseman efficient. Despite the reins of power, triggering the golden era of moderate Muslim countries to emulate the Prophet 's life.