Awaking the writer-self in a scientist: Converting experimental data to a research paper

Awaking the writer-self in a scientist: Converting experimental data to a research paper

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This is a book written for young researchers who are writing their first researcher papers in life and biomedical sciences. The book is structured in three parts, each part with three chapters with instructive titles to subsections. Part I: Preparation before writing; Part II: The writing and editing process, with notes on writing in scientific English; Part III: The submission process, explaining open access publication and predators in scientific publication, and how to deal with reviewer’s comments. The content of the book is developed from a series of lectures and workshops the author has conducted, and is still conducting, for postgraduate students and clinical researchers in clinical medicine, life and biomedical sciences in the past decades in Malaysia and Taiwan. Besides having published over a hundred twenty research papers, the author was an English editor of a Taiwanese international journal and has vast experiences in editing manuscripts written by research students and peers. The book features abundant examples cited from high-impact journals to illustrate important principles in writing, and also examples in cover letters, reviewers’ comments and authors’ responses from author’s own collection. Important rules and principles are summarised into easy-to-remember mnemonics; at the end of each chapter or important subsection, there is a “Hints box” that summaries the succulent points of the chapter/subsection for easy revisiting. Novelists are masters of words and storytelling. Believing that scientists can learn about writing from novelists, this book cites excerpts from a novel, called The Novel, by James Michener, a distinguished American writer. The excerpts also serve to highlight parallels in writing a research paper and a novel. Besides writing research papers, many principles developed in this book are also applicable to the writing of other professional documents.