Equity-based Financing: Supply & Demand Sides Perspectives

Equity-based Financing: Supply & Demand Sides Perspectives

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Three objectives should be met to assess the feasibility of implementing Equity-based Financing (EBF). The first step is to investigate EBF concerns. This book highlighted two issues with the outcomes: supply and demand (customers). Supply-side issues are caused by competition, Shariah, legality and hazards, and demand-side problems are driven by knowledge, understanding, awareness and religious views. The EBF can be implemented in Malaysia if Malaysian IBs invest in marketing and risk management practices. Also, most respondents believed EBF to be capable of protecting their interests, which is critical for Malaysian IDs, as most respondents consider this viewpoint widely agreed upon and expected. As result, the potential for EBF implementation will ensure a bright future for EBF. Several suggestions in this book are included to revive Shariah's soul and spirit, which fundamentally portrays Islamic finance's success, particularly in dealing with EBF for the benefit of society. Finally, this book has given both parties valuable information and support in defending topics and strategies. On the practical side, this book contributed to a broad product development enviroment and provided helpful guidance for regulators to assist them in focusing in economic value.