Crazy Dogs with Humor

Crazy Dogs with Humor

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This telling story is about 21 breeds of dogs having a humorous side. Their characters shows that animals can have some unique personalities. It's written to capture the attention of young reader. These animals are meant to show how animals can express love toward humankind. These dogs are impressive and very heart touching. They are showing a side of themselves that's creative and laughable. The collie is swimming and having fun at a party wearing a party hat. The poodle is showing acts on a big balloon. The Labrador is retrieving a bag of money. Each dog is expressing to you a funny side of themselves. While enjoying the funny and humorous side of each dog, you may be lured into purchasing one of these breeds of your own. This book was written to educate children starting at a young age. This book has lots of unfamiliar words for young children. They can have fun looing up in a dictionary and increase their vocabulary. These dogs are shown to look as though they were having fun in a world of their own. That's what make this book attractive to young readers, to have a fun sense humor.