Malaysia: An Economy At The Edge Of Transformation

Malaysia: An Economy At The Edge Of Transformation

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de it his business to encourage us all to think, and provides us with some trenchant thoughts and ideas to help us along the way. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. President, Parti Keadilan Rakyat A must read if you want op-eds about key issues in the economy before and after a momentous event: regime change in Malaysia. Edmund Terence Gomez. Professor of Political Economy, University of Malaya A wide ranging discussion of the economic issues leading up to GE14, predicating the same questions facing the new PH government, from the debt crisis created by the 1MDB debacle, to macroeconomic imbalances and geo-economic challenges, and the prospects of economic transformation. An informative economic buffet for the new ministers and their advisors to chew on. Tan Sri Dr. Kamal Salih. Founding Executive Director, Malaysian Institute of Economic Research Nambiar once again presents us with a remarkable collection relevant to anyone interested in Malaysia's economy, impressive in both its breadth and depth of issues covered. Incisive and bold, he proffers solutions for our many existing policy problems - a practical handbook for economists, policymakers and think tankers. Tricia Yeoh. Fellow, IDEAS