Bangles of Enchantment

Bangles of Enchantment

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In a twist of fate, inseparable best friends—Florie and Celia, find themselves unexpectedly transported to a mysterious world through a pair of enchanted jade bangles where their lives take an exhilarating twist.


Florie awakens in her new form as a powerful bear beastman, finds herself to be alone without Celia. She quickly discovers that danger lurks around every corner in this new world, and reuniting with her closest friend proves to be a daunting task, with numerous obstacles standing in the way.


Meanwhile, Celia discovers hidden depths within herself as she becomes a maid in a luxurious household. Secretly, she practices her newly discovered magic while also making plans to embark on a journey in this unfamiliar world, all in the hopes of finding Florie. Little does she know about the dangerous situation her best friend is currently facing.



As they navigate treacherous landscapes and outwit formidable foes, Florie and Celia lean on newfound allies and unearth extraordinary powers within themselves. With courage as their compass and determination as their weapon, are they able to overcome the dark forces that seek to keep them apart? And find their way back home?