True Haunting of Bill Ramsey the Werewolf (Conversations with the Ed and Lorraine Warren)

True Haunting of Bill Ramsey the Werewolf (Conversations with the Ed and Lorraine Warren)





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Fascinated with the werewolf legend, Lorraine Warren and her initially skeptical husband, Ed, travel around the world in search of a real-life werewolf. Their quest begins in the Warren’s hometown of Monroe, Connecticut where Lorraine and Ed spent what they thought was a relatively uneventful night with friends. As it turns out, what they witnessed that night was just the beginning of an epic journey that would bring them face-to-face with Bill Ramsey, London’s own real-life werewolf. They watched the television program “Sightings” intrigued, as police officers and locals were interviewed about their encounters with the local werewolf, Bill Ramsey. Even Bill himself was questioned about his ability to take on men twice his size with ease as he rampages through London. Lorraine Warren felt a strange and unexplainable connection to this man and made it her sole focus to find him and help him. After a short trip to California to uncover information about Bill from the producers of “Sightings” the Warrens traveled to London and made repeated attempts to learn more about Bill Ramsey and his whereabouts. Through endless British police departments and confused yet humored British constables eventually, with some persistence, Lorraine makes contact with Detective, Sergeant Peter Hamilton, the man who not only believes her but is very familiar with Bill Ramsey and his case. Together they find Bill and the Warrens learn about his tragic past as a child werewolf as well as the reason behind his unfortunate affliction. Lorraine and her no longer skeptical husband, Ed, discover that, unlike most werewolf related movies, Bill Ramsey does not have some kind of disease; he does not change physically every full moon; and it was not a bite that originally caused him to adapt these wolf-like tendencies. Bill Ramsey, according to Lorraine, was possessed by an evil “wolf-spirit” and needed help related to a completely different type of horror film, exorcism. The Warrens brought Bill back to Connecticut to meet Bishop Robert McKenna of Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church in Monroe. Bishop McKenna agreed to perform an exorcism for Bill, something he was not unfamiliar with having performed many exorcisms in the past. The exorcism was a success and thanks to the compassionate efforts of Lorraine and Ed Warren, today Bill lives a normal life and the people of London no longer have to worry about Billy Ramsey, the local werewolf.