In The Blood

In The Blood

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 In book eight of the award-winning Warren Steelgrave series, Warren is concerned about the growing distance between himself and Cindy O’Brian, the love of his life. Warren decides to go to Italy without her, hoping the separation will benefit them. Once in Italy, the FBI is waiting for him. The FBI is looking for Warren’s good friend, Jack Sullivan. They know Jack is finishing a new book involving stock market manipulation and the death of stockbroker George Daily. Jack has the information the FBI needs and is concerned for his safety. They ask Warren to find him.

              Warren, also concerned, begins the search for Jack Sullivan. Finding Jack running for his life, Warren also finds himself being hunted.  and, the chase begins for the information Jack has in his possession. Soon, Jack becomes concerned Warren is not himself. The distraction Warren and Cindy’s possible breakup is causing might get them both killed. Before it’s over, many will die, including a close friend.

              Along the way, Warren has to deal with his elusive lover, Cindy O’Brian. Is Warren willing to wait for Cindy or move on to a new relationship? Share the journey of a man of principle who is again tested by a world in which a small group of people can turn it upside down.