The Mighty Bison

The Mighty Bison

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Bedtime Stories For Kids-Short Bedtime Stories Series

Do you want to make your child fall asleep faster at night?

Do you want your child to learn mindfulness while reading beautiful short stories?

In this book, you will find a collection of stories written to help children enter a place of dreams and eventually drift off to sleep. These stories are intended to stir their imaginations in such a way that the transition from fantasy and adventure into dreamland will be a seamless one. Best of all, your children will be able to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and happy.

The chapters are designed to take you and your family on an exciting adventure through different situations, laden with imagination and surprises, while also attempting to disseminate valuable lessons about important principles, such as family, home, wrongdoing, and numerous other themes.

While each story is unique, the underlying purpose of each remains the same: to confer on readers some degree of insight into moral behaviour and proper conduct. Through the careful application of allegory, the stories contained herein are intended not only to engage and captivate but also to serve as thought-provoking tools by which your children might avail themselves of one of mankind’s most powerful attributes: thoughtfulness and self-reflection.

In addition, each story uses colourful and imaginative characters, settings, and situations to create an environment that will not only help children become interested in the story itself but also serve as a vehicle to convey a moral lesson.

Plus, the stories in this book seek to create traditions and memories that will create everlasting moments that your children will treasure for the rest of their lives. These are the kind of moments that your children will surely love to share with their children someday, too.

So, let’s jump right on in and take a trip into a magical world from which your children will drift off in their sleep.

Don’t be surprised if they don’t want to wake up after having such beautiful dreams. Dreamland is a cherished place for children of all ages. After all, it is a place where kids can truly let their imaginations flourish.

This book includes:

Bedtime stories that will truly captivate the young mind of your child

Fun stories about animals, adventures, and legends

A valuable lesson for each story

In addition:

They will put down their phones.

This is a good way to encourage your child to go to sleep by listening to the scripts.

Each story will enhance your child’s imagination and thinking.

And Much More...

Are you excited? Do you want to read more?

Would you like your child to learn and relax, falling asleep in peace?

Get our book now!