Home Bartender: Mezcal and   Tequila

Home Bartender: Mezcal and Tequila

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Make over 100 quick and easy tequila and mezcal cocktails with only four ingredients or less!

From the best-selling The Home Bartender comes The Home Bartender: Mezcal & Tequila, featuring 100+ creative tequila-based cocktails. You don't need a thousand-dollar liquor cabinet to impress company at your next party! This carefully curated collection of creative and delicious drink recipes requires only four ingredients or less. This volume is dedicated solely to the magic of tequila and mezcal. With classic drinks like the margarita and paloma, and innovative concoctions inspired by the vibrant flavors of Mexico, each recipe is designed for home bartenders of all skill levels.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Beautiful, full-color photography throughout the book
  • Virgin variations on most drinks
  • Simplified classics and innovative new libations
  • And more!

There's something for everyone in this cocktail book—these recipes condense the intricate and time-consuming art of cocktail-making into a process manageable for even the most time-crunched mixologist. Raise a glass to the world of agave cocktails with The Home Bartender: Mezcal & Tequila.