Hot Winter Nights/Unwrapping The Castelli Secret/Seduced By The Tycoon At Christmas/Hot Christmas Kisses

Hot Winter Nights/Unwrapping The Castelli Secret/Seduced By The Tycoon At Christmas/Hot Christmas Kisses

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Unwrapping The Castelli Secret - Caitlin Crews

Five years ago, Lily Holloway walked away from a car crash, turning her back on the forbidden passion she shared with her stepbrother, Rafael Castelli. Nothing could make Lily return to the irresistible Italian’s demanding world. 

Now, when their paths cross again, Lily is desperate to retain her freedom and claims amnesia has blocked her memories of him. Yet all deception is quickly burned away by the incredible attraction that still simmers between them. 

But he’s found her, and she knows Rafael will soon discover her greatest secret...their son!

Seduced By The Tycoon At Christmas - Pamela Yaye

As one of Italy’s most powerful businessmen, Romeo Morretti spends his days brokering multimillion-dollar deals and his nights romancing Europe’s most beautiful women. But a chance encounter at a busy intersection sends the international playboy’s life hurling in a new direction. The desire that ignites between Romeo and lush Caribbean beauty Zoe Smith is impossible to resist. Their intimate display becomes public under Milan’s bright Christmas lights when a blog leaks their secret affair and they’re touted as the city’s newest celebrity couple.

Between glittering A-list events and candlelit dinners at Romeo’s villa, Zoe is living a life of glamour and endless pleasure alongside the dangerously handsome tycoon. Their high-profile holiday romance could even save her PR job at prestigious fashion house Casa Di Moda. Until secrets and lies threaten their passionate bond. Amid doubt and distrust, Romeo is accused of a crime that endangers his financial empire. He will have to fight to clear his name before they can share a future under the mistletoe...

Hot Christmas Kisses - Joss Wood

On and then off again, Matt Edwards and DJ Winston share hot sex, hotel rooms — and nothing else. But now Matt is suddenly in DJ’s real life, where she’s not sentimental about anything — not her lovers or the holidays. Just one hot kiss has them back in bed...will Christmas magic turn their fantasy into forever?