Life on the Mesa, Second Edition by Val August

Life on the Mesa, Second Edition  by Val August from  in  category
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Author: Val August
Category: General Novel
ISBN: 9781623093297
Publisher: Bookbaby
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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Gemma the main character has been sold into sexual slavery. Gemma's future was always foretold to her in dreams and visions. Snapshots of her life on the mesa are suspended in time. They are clues to her current circumstances. The harsh life of forced prostitution is juxtaposed against Gemma's innocent childhood and hardworking adulthood. Past and present collide to tell a vivid story of the underground world of forced prostitution. The reader is suspended in a state of timelessness as this exploited woman searches back in her life. She tries desperately to free herself from the bondage of sexual slavery. Time stops as she tries to see the predator behind this horror. The second edition is the complete story of Gemma's life on the mesa. The sequence of chapters will now make sense. The chapters of the book are out of sequence just as Gemma's present life is out of focus. As the reader approaches the chapter “house of the rising sun” the picture is brought into sharp focus. Gemma is now thrown into the evil world of forced prostitution. She must find out the who, what, and when of how this happened to her. The clock is not clicking forward but backwards and she must hurry fast to find out the truth. Can she beat the movement of this evil turn of events? The second edition was requested by readers to understand the sequence of events in the first edition. The Author waited and hoped that the readers were ready for the explosive second edition. Can they handle the truth?


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