Out of the Darkness - A Survivor's Story by Alice Jay

Out of the Darkness - A Survivor's Story by Alice Jay from  in  category
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Author: Alice Jay
Category: General Novel
ISBN: 9781937400491
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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Alice Jay … …is more than a survivor. She is an advocate, friend and powerful facilitator for freedom for victims of human trafficking. She is passionate about assisting women who have suffered this trauma. She knows that once freed, many girls are unable to live productive lives. After living through 20 years of imprisonment, Alice volunteers as a consultant on human trafficking with the FBI to infiltrate this billion dollar industry. She has also served on several panels and works with State Representatives in Michigan to stop the criminalization of minors, get help for minors being trafficked as well as getting healthcare and therapy for all survivors. Alice is a speaker, teacher, facilitator, motivator and voice of experience. She believes many organizations who would support victims of human trafficking are well meaning, however, “they’ve never been there so they are missing important elements to be effective.” Survivor, Advocate, Facilitator, Mother


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