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Juventus: A History in Black and White | adam_digby | Mint Associates Ltd | 9781783016914 | E-Sentral Ebook Portal

Juventus: A History in Black and White by adam_digby

Juventus: A History in Black and White by adam_digby from  in  category
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Author: adam_digby
Category: Motivation
ISBN: 9781783016914
File Size: 2.26 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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The story of Juventus FC, one of world football's truly great clubs and one of the oldest on the peninsula, is truly the story of Italian football. Known as La Vecchia Signora - "The Old Lady" - she is the perfect blend of flair, artistry and skill, combined with a ruthless determination and will to win that constantly flirts with the less savoury elements of the game. For every Michel Platini or Alessandro Del Piero to win the hearts of fans of the beautiful game, there has been a Claudio Gentile or Paolo Montero waiting their moment to launch a well-timed elbow into an opponent. For every Gianni Agnelli to woo the crowds with his sartorial elegance and well chosen words, a Luciano Moggi lurks, playing the villain and serving to heighten the levels of hate felt towards the club by rival supporters. It is all encapsulated by those starkly contrasting stripes which have become synonymous with the Turin giants. This is that story, a history in black and white.


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