Time Is an Illusion

Time Is an Illusion

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TIME IS AN ILLUSION Chris Griscom shares the insights gained by her revolutionary enlightenment techniques. Her remarkable discovery of these energetic techniques, that stimulate ancient Chinese acupuncture points on the body called Windows to the Sky, has led to an accelerated awakening in spiritual healing and emotional balancing. With Ms. Griscom’s methods, the accumulated traumas of other lifetimes can be discovered and healed, unblocking the path to the Higher Self—the Divine self. Using fascinating examples from actual multi-incarnational sessions with clients and her own spiritual odyssey, Ms. Griscom teaches readers how to begin a life-changing dialogue with the Higher Self. Understanding how we choose our own roles as victims or victimizers and how we replay them over and over, we learn how to break this vicious cycle and emerge as fully realized beings. Ms. Griscom shows that it is possible to manifest anything we want in life through clear intention -- and how we can transcend even death, the greatest illusion of all. "Time Is An Illusion" is an invaluable resource for any spiritual seeker who wants to explore the many dimensions within.