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Of Light and Shadow




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When the D’Shaden, an ancient enemy, long thought vanquished, returns to the land of Derania, the princes of the northern and southern kingdoms must unite in a quest to recover a long lost artifact in the shared hope that it may hold the power to stop this threat once and for all. However, even though the D’Shaden’s army is significantly smaller than it was the last time he sought to conquer these lands, the likelihood of his victory has only improved with the passage of time. For the source of all the magic in the world has been hopelessly corrupted. Those permanently connected to it; the elves, dwarves, even the dragons, have been rendered all but extinct, their legend rapidly fading into myth. And there are now more charlatans pretending to be spell casters than actual Sorcerers and Wizards. The truth is, if the princes and their companions fail in their mission, the land of Derania is all but lost. Of Light and Shadow is a fast paced, action-adventure fantasy novel filled with memorable characters both heroic and villainous, moments of tragedy and triumph, epic battles and surprising twists. If you’re a fan of Terry Brooks, Brandon Sanderson, David Edding, Robin Hobb, and David Gemmell, then this is the book for you.


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