Millionaire FastTrack - How To Double Your Income In 12 Months Live Rich Now by Lonnie Avery

Millionaire FastTrack - How To Double Your Income In 12 Months Live Rich Now by Lonnie Avery from  in  category
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Author: Lonnie Avery
ISBN: 9781620957974
Publisher: Bookbaby
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My time is long overdue to share with you my wealth secrets in this book learned over decades as a financial adviser, real estate developer, investor, internet entrepreneur and former partner in one of the largest financial firms in the world. I want you to "Live Rich Now" and you get to define what that means to you. To be sure, it should be defined to include all of your life's values and treasures. My goal for you is to provide a book to show you “How to Double Your Income in 12 Months” by applying the principles found throughout this book. However, do not stop there. This book will give you skills you will own for your lifetime and allow you to earn any income and any lifestyle you choose. Your life to this moment has been your "Plan A" job or low profit business. Has it been all you hoped it would be? This book will guide you to develop your "Plan B" for your life that will supplement and may someday replace your "Plan A". Yes, this book can give you a "2nd chance" to live the life of your dreams from this moment forward. Surely, you have made some mistakes and maybe gone down a road of life that has had some shortcomings. This book is designed to provide you with a road map to develop your "Millionaire FastTrack". My formula is very simple: 1) Keep your day job for current financial security, 2) Learn the “Mechanics of Wealth”, 3) Use low risk and low investment “turnkey” programs in the top 3 of 9 wealth categories we will give you now and in the future and 4) allow my newsletter to bring you timely mentor guidance to make more money. You are the driver and this book is your informational guide and millionaire mentor. Learn from my book and set the life course you desire. Do not let this opportunity slip past you again. This can be a new start for you with my book, "Millionaire FastTrack". With more books to come, a weekly newsletter, my websites and financial wealth guidance, you will make your goals and dreams a reality. Your time to win is now!


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