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Fix Your Back in 5 Minutes Flat | Michael Bentley | Bookbaby | 9781483558141 | E-Sentral Ebook Portal

Fix Your Back in 5 Minutes Flat by Michael Bentley

Fix Your Back in 5 Minutes Flat by Michael Bentley from  in  category
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Author: Michael Bentley
Category: Family & Health
ISBN: 9781483558141
Publisher: Bookbaby
File Size: 1.59 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
DRM: Applied (Requires eSentral Reader App)
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Immediate relief, long lasting effects, and a permanent cure for most back problems, in under 5 minutes a day. After nearly 7 years of back pain, I was able to solve my problem in just a few days. I did this myself, after reading and studying hundreds of things written on back problems, and after countless specialist visits. These are the exercises and stretches that fixed my back literally in three days, AFTER 7 years of agony, including serious sciatica, that physios, doctors, acupuncturists, etc. all couldn’t fix, heal, or even really help. But the best news of all is it takes literally LESS than 5 minutes a day!


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