Mary Gomes: Food for Family and Friends

Mary Gomes: Food for Family and Friends

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Eurasian cooking reflects the influence of a multitude of cultures, including the Portuguese, Dutch, British, Chinese, Malay, Indian and even the Peranakans. After years of cooking for family, church, corporate events and even a president or two, Mary Gomes has come up with a simple yet effective method of cooking that anyone, who prefers to spend time with family or friends rather than being hidden in the kitchen, would appreciate. In Mary Gomes: Food for Family & Friends, Mary puts together a collection of 50 authentic Eurasian recipes for all celebratory and festive occasions. From hearty soups and stews like Beef Smore and Pork Ribs Stew to delectable mains such as Curry Debal and Shepherd’s Pie to alluring cakes and desserts such as Sugee Cake and Pulot Tekan with Tartal, this book will definitely spice up festive menus. With interesting and informative anecdotes and an illustrated glossary of ingredients, Mary Gomes: Food for Family & Friends, will no doubt inspire home cooks to complete the Eurasian table and make every occasion memorable.