A Jail of the Mind A Story of Alzheimer's by Bradley D Wilkinson

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Category: General Novel
ISBN: 9780982920107
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Have you a loved one who is slowly deteriorating from the affects of Alzheimer’s? Have you ever wondered what goes on inside their head as they while away their final days seemingly in dazed incomprehension? Dottie Masterson is one such person. She is spending her sunset years in a nursing home. She can’t carry a conversation nor can she control her bladder. When she eats, she stuffs food in her mouth to the point of gagging, but she remembers. Boy, does she remember. This book is a series of memories from Dottie’s life. Some are funny; others are sad. Each in its own way is a poignant reflection of not only her life but of the mid-20th century in small town Midwest America. Written non-chronologically, the memories are spurred by events currently taking place around her-events she is largely unaware of but which stir vivid, bittersweet memories. An invitation is extended for all to experience Dottie’s story and to reflect for a moment on not only those suffering from debilitating disease but our own lives so we don’t make the same mistakes that she has made in hers.


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