Romancing Your Money - Breaking The Code That Keeps You and Money Apart

Romancing Your Money - Breaking The Code That Keeps You and Money Apart

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The Book is about making its Reader Irresistible to Money If you have tried EVERYTHING to make more money and live the life of your dreams and nothing is working for you, then Romancing Your Money is a Must Read! It will literally change your mind about money and it will ignite the spark of a lifelong passionate relationship with Money that is guaranteed to change your life for the better! Problems Romancing Your Money solves: 1. Lack of money 2. Bad Debt 3. Struggling to make ends meet 4. Making money and losing it 5. More money going out than coming in 6. Conflict about making money especially if one is a spiritual aspirant 7. Overwhelmed when it comes to having a better cashflow or other sources of income 8. Self sabotage in all its myriad disguises Book Solutions: 1. It does not matter what the problem is on the surface, the book will get you on a different and a more positive footing with money. 2. The book literally changes your mind about money 3. As your relationship with money changes, so will the quantity of money flowing into your life. 4. Other channels of income and abundance will open up for you as new beliefs, attitudes and values take shape in your life. 5. Your new mindset will result in different outcomes for you. 6. As the passion grows between you and money, so will the intimacy. In fact "Money is a Lush", look around you. Who has it, has loads of it and if you don't have it, then you barely get to feed yourself and family 7. Once that relationship is established, nothing will get between you and your money. Money is also loyal. When you've made a lot of it before even if you lose it, it comes back even faster and much more of it than before. Contemporary examples of this abound.