Gooney the Fabulous

Gooney the Fabulous

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Lois Lowry's Gooney Bird chapter book series is accessible and easy to read and will appeal to fans of Junie B. Jones.

The iconic Gooney Bird Greene is larger than life and has a heart as big as her personality, In book three, Gooney the Fabulous, once again it's Gooney Bird who knows how to turn lessons into fun.

Mrs. Pidgeon has been reading Aesop’s fables to her second grade class. Gooney Bird has an idea. A fabulous idea! What if each child creates his or her own fable, and tells it to the class? One by one Mrs. Pidgeon’s students create costumes and stories and morals and excitement. Everyone except Nicholas. What on earth is making Nicholas so unhappy? Leave it to Gooney Bird, of course, to help him solve his problem . . . in a truly fabulous way.

Lois Lowry is a two-time Newbery winner for The Giver and Number the Stars. Her Gooney Bird series features a precocious second grader with a talent for storytelling and solving problems in creative ways, Gooney Bird Greene, and has been embraced by reviewers, teachers, and, most of all, children.

The books are:

  • Book 1: Gooney Bird Greene
  • Book 2: Gooney Bird and the Room Mother
  • Book 3: Gooney the Fabulous
  • Book 4: Gooney Bird Is So Absurd
  • Book 5: Gooney Bird on the Map
  • Book 6: Gooney Bird and All Her Charms